CONFERENCE TOPICS: Dynamics of Leadership 2017

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The Perfect Introduction: How to say who you are and what you do in 20 words or less

First impressions matter! A great introduction can be a powerful door opener to new possibilities. But there’s only a tiny window to turn your introduction into a career or business-building opportunity. In today’s reality, you have a better shot of engaging with a goldfish than the person next to you. Everyone knows we only get one shot to make the right first impression. But few are really prepared to answer when asked, “What do you do?” In this workshop, we will show you how to create an engaging personal brand introduction in 20 words or less and make a lasting, positive impression.

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

We know now in 2017 that work-life balance does not simply exist. But, what can be done is the prioritization of what you value the most and to make time, somehow making it all fit into a 24-hour day. In this panel, we’ve assembled a set of speakers with a full plate, and their tips for making it work, as well as strategies on how to identify and balance all your priorities.

Overcoming Conflict and the Fear Inside

Confronting conflict is not what we seek to do in our daily lives, especially within the context of our professional life. Many Asians appear to have a strong disdain for or fear of any conflict, and avoid it whenever possible -- sometimes to their detriment. In this session, attendees will learn how to deal with their fears and effectively resolve conflict. By learning the best methods to interact with fellow professionals and solve problems, you can build an open, communicative environment in your office that everyone can feel comfortable in.

Working On Multi-Generational Teams: Effective Techniques to Minimize Generational Differences

Due to the changing economy, the retirement the age continues to increase. As business structures change drastically, working on a multi-generational team is become the economic reality (or on volunteer and non-profit organization). How to not only communicate across the cross-generational boundaries, as well as work effectively together is essential in this modern day and age. In this workshop, we deal with the best strategies on how to effectively cross and work with the generational barrier.

Changing the Conversation: Multicultural Communications in Diverse Markets

How does one continue to expand in growing multicultural markets to discuss corporate and marketing strategies for dealing with growing diverse markets around the country? Particularly, this workshop will discuss communications from the Asian American perspective and how to present that to the growing economy at large.

Public Speaking: Best Tips, Strategies, and Experiences to Ace Your Next Presentation

No matter the upgrades in technology and social media, public speaking, and more broadly, the ability to effectively communicate is a skill that will never stop being universal and important to any facet of your life. Join us in this interactive (and yes we mean interactive) workshop where you challenge yourself to be a more effective and engaging speaker. Tips on dealing with the nerves, common mistakes people make while public speaking, as well ways to improve your overall tone and presentation.

ERG Panel: The Role of Employee Resource Group and Your Career Representation/ Advancement/ Advocacy

The hot buzzword in corporate governance and diversity is ERG, or Employee Resource Group. In this interactive panel, experienced corporate managers and employees discuss the importance of ERGs and the role they play not only in promoting diversity in the corporate structure, but the ways in which the members of the ERG can better leverage and utilize the ERG for growth, progression, and development within their careers and at the company.

Learning from Failure: How to Make the Best Opportunity out of Failure

One of the most widely ignored topics, particularly as it is perceived of Asian Americans, is the ability to openly discuss topics regarding failure. However, failure is often the stepping stone for growth, both personal and professional. In this workshop, our speaker elaborates on the ability to not only accept “failure,” but strategies to grow and move forward. Your professional life will not always go as planned, but that does not mean you cannot adapt and still achieve success.

Generational Transformations in a New Political World as a Generation X Leader

This last Presidential election changed the political paradigm on how elections are won and exposed how the current political establishment in both major parties failed the everyday middle class American by turning the White House back to the Baby Boomers.  The 2008 Great Recession wiped out the most net worth of the Generation Xers and with the White House now back in the hands of a Baby Boomer, domestic economic and foreign policy have regressed back to old quarrels and grudges of the Baby Boomer generation, leaving the Gen-X and Millennials even further behind. This workshop offers a unique and engaging dialogue on how a successful small business owner can make major impact on business policy by serving in politics and public service.

Building a Strong Organizational Culture

Whether leading a startup or joining a well-established corporation, we all have opportunities to impact organizational culture. In this workshop, learn ways to tap into your strengths to define, develop, and lead positive cultural change. By learning ways to impact organizational culture, we can stand out as leaders and true change agents in creating safe, enjoyable workspaces.

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

Join us for the panel discussion on the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, from all stages of career lifecycle, such as just starting out, just beginning to expand, and well established. The panelists will discuss everything from the fears they had starting their business, the strategies to get the business off the ground, maintaining some semblance of balance, dealing with failure, and ultimately facing that fear of the unknown. Ultimately they’ll address how to initialize a start-up and get it off the ground or onto the next plateau.

Running for Public Office 101: Your Hands on Guide to Public Office

Often within the Asian American research is the continued stress of lack of diversity, particularly on the part of Asians within the realm of elected office. What are the barriers to entry that is stopping Asians from not just being engaged with the electoral process, but worse, the lack of Asian American candidates? What does it take to run for public office? Listen to this bi-partisan panel on the ins and outs of running for public office, where the resources are, and their own personal experiences and challenges in their journey to serving the public. This panel will deal with the dreaded question of where to start looking for the funding to start and continue your campaign.

Diversifying the workforce & the Inclusive Innovation Economy

As America moves toward becoming a majority minority nation by 2020, all organizations will increasingly see demands to create diverse teams for the country's innovation supply chain. Presented by a key multi-cultural leader from the Obama Administration, this discussion will showcase non-traditional avenues that can help you secure and energize great, diverse talent. The talk will also discuss how minority business owners can get involved through nonprofit boards, government and more.

How to Properly Engage and Activate the Mysterious Millennial Generation

One of the most sought after generational groups, engaging with millennials is a hot-button topic because very few have effectively engaged and activated the millennial generation. Whether it be how to effectively tap into the millennial market on a business scale, or engaging the millennial community for non-profit goals, there simply remains a certain mystery about this group…until now. Join us in this workshop on the best tips and strategies of activating millennials, as well as identifying resources that are particularly important to Generation Y.

The Beach Office: How to Build a Business Around The Lifestyle You Want

For many people, entrepreneurship means Silicon Valley startups and long hours in the hopes of hitting it big. However, a different type of entrepreneurship - lifestyle entrepreneurship - has a different goal in mind: to give you time, location, and financial freedom. You can work from the beach, travel the world, or drop your kids off at school every day and go to all of their events. In this workshop, you will learn the basics and see case studies on how to sell a product, information, and services leveraging online tools and services like Amazon, Alibaba, blogs, virtual assistants, and much more. This is not a multi-level marketing pitch; you will be building YOUR OWN business.

How to Capture and Keep Attention in A World Where No One Has Time to Listen

We work in a fast-paced, attention deficit, multi-tasking environment. How many people are really paying attention when you speak? You may have a lot to say, but no one has time to listen. This is a 60 minute workshop where you’ll gain a framework for persuasive communication that motivates people to action. Our presenter will teach you how to capture and keep a split second attention span, create an elevator pitch in as few as 10 slides, and create compelling presentations that keep people engaged from start to finish.

Energizing your Passions: Establishing a Career in the Non-Profit World

Accelerating your passions often finds many seeking further opportunities and careers within the non-profit sector. But how does one exactly start a career in this non-profit world, especially if you are fresh from college, or looking to make a dramatic career change? Join us in this workshop to discuss the pathways to starting on that non-profit career that you’ve always dreamt of, but just did not know how to approach.

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