ACEL was awarded a $1,000.00 Community grant by the Allstate Foundation. We are proud to honor the community service of Allstate Agent Kevin Lum.

Kevin Lum has been actively involved in ACEL since 2011 and serves as the Mentorship Committee Chair.  His goal is to advance the ACEL mission: “To create leadership opportunities for all, today and tomorrow” by ensuring the success of the Mentorship Program.  As Mentorship Committee Chair, his responsibilities are to ensure the committee adequately matches mentors and mentees and ensure there is constant communication between the mentor/mentee pairs and their liaison.  He also hopes to provide other networking opportunities for the mentor/mentee pairs throughout the program.

At Allstate, Agent Kevin Lum is our community leader because when The Good Hands People give back, our hometowns are better, safer places to live. Community involvement is an extension of what Allstate agents do every day — protecting people and preparing them for the future.

Thank you to Allstate Insurance for your commitment to diversity in Arizona. As a supporter of ACEL, we value your partnership and dedication to the next generation of Asian American leaders which helps all of Arizona.

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