ACELerate Women


What is the vision for ACELerate Women?

Our vision is to inspire AAPI women to rise and cultivate authentic, heart-centered leadership to transform our families, workplace, and communities.


Who is ACELerate Women for?

We are attracting emerging and experienced Asian American professional women leaders. We are creating a safe space for women to be heard and affirmed so that we continuously learn and become the best version of ourselves. 


What should you expect from ACELerate Women?

Our topics are relevant, relatable and real that inspire candid, deep conversations. Whether you are shy or confident when you express yourself, our program offers a chance to all women to share their opinions, perspectives and outlook. 


Why do we include a self-care activity in our events?

According to Psychology Today, 2 in 3 people do not practice self-care. We are dedicated to changing this trend by including an element of self-care in every event, so no matter how busy you are, you will feel transformed.

Our goal is to launch ACELerate Women across all ACEL chapters nationwide. There is power in sharing, contributing and connecting with others that helps us to foster awareness and embrace who we truly are. Join us at our next event: