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Hon. Rob Bonta, Assemblyman at California State Assembly’s 18th District

Saturday Lunch Keynote

Running for Public Office 101: Your Hands-On Guide to Public Office

Raised near César Chávez’s home by a woman who marched in Selma and a man who stood with Martin Luther King, Jr., Assemblymember Robert Bonta was destined to make a difference by fighting for an equal society. Today, Bonta serves to support public safety, Asian Americans and much more as Assistant Majority Leader of his party.

On July 9, Bonta will present a keynote speech at the Dynamics of Leadership Conference on his experiences as California’s first and only Filipino American legislator ever. Bonta will also bring a present on a workshop about running for public office to create change in the community.

Bonta has spent much of his professional life advocating for minorities and economic development. He fought to protect Californians from exploitation and racial profiling as a Deputy City Attorney, and supported public safety and fiscal responsibility as the Vice Mayor of the City of Alameda. Bonta holds a doctorate from the Yale Law School, as well as degrees from two highly prestigious schools: Yale College and Oxford University.

Elizabeth Clements, Senior Director of Human Resources & Administration at Junior Achievement of Arizona

Energizing Your Passions: Establishing a Career in the Non-Profit World

Elizabeth Clements began her career in a nontraditional way. After graduating from West Texas A&M University with a B.A. in English, she began working for a cattle rancher while determining what she wanted to do. By the time she moved to Arizona in 2005, she discovered her knack for running an office and the joy she found in working with people.

Today, Clements helps educate students on financial literacy as a senior director at Junior Achievement of Arizona. After spending over a decade working with everyone from front line staff to CEOs, she understands that people are what truly drive a great workplace. Passionate about people and bringing out the best in them, Clements will help conference attendees explore their own passions for working with nonprofits on July 9. In her talk, she will help leaders change lives, perhaps shaping the minds of young people like she does everyday.

In her free time, Clements continues to impact nonprofits by volunteering through the Society for Human Resource Management and more. She enjoys curling up with a good book and hiking, especially around the Mogollon Rim.

Allison DeVane, Founder and Owner of Teaspressa

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

Allison DeVane started as a coffee lover, but after experiencing negative side effects from drinking coffee, she stepped up to create a solution. She created the only coffee and tea hybrid in the U.S. Today, DeVane’s Teaspressa is a leading beverage company that has been featured on Shark Tank and invited onto the exclusive Tory Burch Foundation’s Business Fellows Program.

DeVane will bring her experience with innovation, building a company from scratch, to the Dynamics of Leadership conference to help attendees level up their ideas with a startup. She continues her startup success with a mission to make a positive impact on the community, never forgetting her passion to help people live healthier, happier lives.

In the community, DeVane is a member of her alma mater Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College Campaign Cabinet. She is actively involved in mentoring young entrepreneurs at ASU.

Tom Egan, President and CEO at The Foundation for Senior Living

Energizing Your Passions: Establishing a Career in the Non-Profit World

Tom Egan entered the nonprofit industry in 1995, helping homeless populations access healthcare. After over 15 years working at Catholic Charities Community Services and leading international public health organization Esperança, Egan brought his rich background in national and international social services to his current leadership position at The Foundation for Senior Living.

FSL, which has improved the quality of life for vulnerable individuals and families for over 40 years, has greatly benefited from Egan’s oversight on health and development projects. As a part of the organization, Egan brings his passions for poverty reduction, child and animal welfare, developing age-friendly communities and human trafficking prevention to the table, offering the most personalized and caring services for all. On July 9, Egan will help rising leaders follow their own passions in the nonprofit world through his panel at the Dynamics of Leadership conference.

Egan holds a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Akron and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bowling Green State University. He is the Board President of the Organization of Nonprofit Executives, a graduate of Valley Leadership, and a member of several local and national boards/taskforces.

Steve Erickson, VP of Public Affairs & Community Engagement at Teach for America – Phoenix

How to Properly Engage and Activate the Mysterious Millennial Generation

As Vice President of Public Affairs & Community Engagement at Teach For America, Steve Erickson manages a local team to design and execute teacher placement and certification, while driving partnerships with external organizations, including nonprofits and the Arizona Department of Education. He also builds strategy for regional public affairs and organizational growth plans. Currently, Erickson’s team oversees engagement and impact strategies with the nearly 1,000 Teach For America alumni living across the state of Arizona, including the building and managing of Teach For America’s first Alumni Leadership Board in Phoenix.

Working with many universities, Erickson has experienced the need to engage millennials in service throughout his career, and in his involvement in the community, with proven results. On July 9, he will show Dynamics of Leadership attendees how to bring this millennial engagement back to their organizations.

Prior to his current position, Erickson served in the Phoenix corps himself, after earning his degree in economics and entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona. He taught fourth and seventh grade in the Littleton Elementary School District before doubling the amount ASU and UA candidates as a part of Teach for America’s national recruitment team. Erickson now leads the organization’s Public Partnership team, and lives with his wife – a fellow Teach For America alumnus – and two young children in Central Phoenix.

Dave Foegal, Senior Investment Consultant at Vanguard

Working On Multi-Generational Teams: Effective Techniques to Minimize Generational Differences

Sitting between the cusp of the Generation X and Millennial generations, David Foegal is in a unique position. He is often the youngest person in a room of high-ranking positions, managing and interacting with people one generation older and one generation younger than him daily. As expected, some professionals question his expertise. But Foegal’s strong ability to leverage these differences has helped him persevere and succeed past skepticism.

On July 8, Foegal will inspire Dynamics of Leadership attendees to empathize with the diversity of their peers’ professional behavior. From Millennials who desire fast-paced information and action, to Baby Boomers who want their voices to be heard, the groups you will come to empathize with will change the way you work forever.

“Multiple heads and multiple perspectives better one’s understanding of the current situation,” Foegal said. “Just looking at something from multiple angles, you’ll be able to minimize whatever prejudice people have.”

Elizabeth Greene, Assistant Director of Human Resources at Fennemore Craig, P.C.

Building a Strong Organizational Culture

Energizing Your Passions: Establishing a Career in the Non-Profit World

As the force behind company culture, Elizabeth Greene can aptly be described as a mover and shaker in the field of law. At her law firm, she focuses on building commitment and camaraderie among peers in a field where time is often seen as money — a perception that she said makes her extra passionate about making a difference.

On July 8, Greene will bring her proven expertise to the conference to discuss how to create change in a company’s culture, whether attendees are C-suite executives or entry level workers. She will also bring her insights about working in the nonprofit world, as an active volunteer for ACEL and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and building collaboration through compassion.

“The culture sets the tone, in my mind, of how you’re going to operate externally and how you’re running internally,” Greene said. “To me, it’s an exciting topic because I’ve been a part of so many types of industries and I’ve seen different types of culture.”

Jessica Hamel, VP and Commercial Associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The Role of Employee Resource Group & Your Career – Representation/Advancement/Advocacy

Jessica Hamel has been a part of Bank of America Merrill Lynch for over 15 years. Today, after years as a personal banker and treasury sales team lead, Hamel has taken on an influential role as Vice President of her bank. In this role, she leads sales performance management, market analysis and industry specialization support in four states with a mission to create client satisfaction.

While Hamel’s advancement can certainly be attributed to her outstanding work, she has also been supported by her employee resource group. At the conference, Hamel will discuss the role of ERGs in your representation and advancement, and how you can take advantage of them.

Hamel currently serves as a financial mentor for Tumbleweed Center for Youth and Goodwill of Arizona, and is an advisor for ACEL.

Nobumichi Hara, Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer at Goodwill of Central Arizona

Overcoming Conflict and the Fear Inside

Energizing Your Passions: Establishing a Career in the Non-Profit World

No matter what position you take on, your dream team is bound to face conflict, whether openly expressed or repressed. But while conflict is inevitable, Nobumichi Hara is helping rising leaders put negative results in the past.

Hara has acted as the Senior Vice President and Chief Talent Officer for Goodwill of Central Arizona for 10 years. With over 25 years of experience in top-level HR positions, Hara is often recognized for his creative and innovative approaches to conflict resolution and workplace environments numerous times. These national and local awards — including numerous awards for being the best employer to work for and a 2012 Ann Byrnes SPHR Award for Professional Excellence — prove his ability to build loyal, resilient teams through positive conflict communication.

On July 8, Hara will help attendees face issues head-on in any setting, as he has successfully done for nearly three decades. On July 9, he returns to help community leaders begin impact-filled careers in nonprofits. As a result, leaders will rise, face their fears, and find satisfaction and success in their professions.

Rodney Hu, Owner and Operator of Yucca Tap Room and Founding Member of Arizona Distilling Company

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

A leader in local food and culture, Rodney Hu has been recognized as one of the Phoenix New Times’ top 100 tastemakers for his enormous contributions to Arizona. Hu is the owner and operator of the infamous Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, and is a founding member of the Arizona Distilling Company, which produced the first locally distilled spirit in the Valley since the Prohibition.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Hu has eight years of Wall Street experience as an investment analyst and in sales/trading for several firms, including Bear Wagner Specialists, Stearns & Co., Goldman Sachs and more. His diverse career history will shed light on the ups and downs of entrepreneurship at the Dynamics of Leadership conference on July 8.

Hu is an Arizona native who graduated from Marcos de Niza High School in Tempe, before going on to earn his bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University.

Bill Imada, Founder and Chairman at IW Group

Changing the Conversation: Multicultural Communications in Diverse Markets

Saturday Gala Keynote

An expert in multicultural and diversity affairs, Bill Imada has represented top domestic and global companies for over 25 years. From working with American Airlines and Coca-Cola to General Motors, Walt Disney Imagineering and Verizon, he has proven his expertise in a wide range of communications time and time again. At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Imada will offer his cross-cultural training and engagement talents to help attendees strengthen communication and community effectively.

Imada’s exceptional dedication to the Asian American community has been recognized by the White House, where he was appointed to President Obama’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He has served on over seven boards and advisory councils, including the Asian Corporate (ACEL) and the National PBS Board of Directors.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are two of Imada’s strongest focuses. In 2016, he established the National Millennial Community — one of three organizations he co-founded — to offer students and alumni a voice on GenY matters, while breaking negative stereotypes that often define millennials in the U.S. Imada is a change agent in shaping the discussion on multigenerational communication.

Tony Kee, VP and Divisional Sales Operations Manager for Retail Sales at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

The Role of Employee Resource Group & Your Career – Representation/Advancement/Advocacy

For over 10 years, Kee has proven his strengths in the finance industry through extensive and diverse leadership experience in nationally recognized organizations like Mass Mutual, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch, where he now serves as Vice President and Divisional Sales Operations Manager.

Currently, Kee leads the Mortgage Loan Coordinator initiatives nationwide for Retail Sales Home Loans. In addition, his role supports the execution of nationally defined operational initiatives and business priorities across all retail sales divisions. Kee’s experience has greatly benefited from the presence of employee resource groups, a rising trend among business leaders that he will discuss at the Dynamics of Leadership conference on July 8.

Kee earned his M.B.A. in strategy and consulting at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. He received his bachelor’s degree in managerial economics and political science at UC Davis.

Asad Khan, Subject Matter Expert at Synergy Grant Consulting

Learning the Language of Business and; Money Does Grow on Trees

With a passion for entrepreneurship as a whole, Asad Khan does not isolate himself to a single industry. He has owned a variety of successful businesses, which provided services ranging from grant writing and consultations to products like fitness apparel in his current line, Khanfit.

Khan, who lived in Quetta, Pakistan before moving to the United States nearly 30 years ago, is a former IBM employee. His experience has propelled him forward and helped those around him rise, too. At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Khan will present two talks that will help attendees better grasp business and how it best functions.

In “Money Does Grow on Trees,” he will discuss how to manage cash flow to ensure dynamics growth and continuous adaptability. In “Learning the Language of Business,” Khan presents a talk about how to understand one’s audience for effective communication. These presentations will allow listeners to go home tips to heighten their emotional intelligence, be comfortable with professional jargon, manage egos and build a business with constant cash flow.

Bennett Kim, Managing Partner at Big Rock Senior Housing

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

Bennett Kim is a leader in the nation’s upscale senior housing community development, as a Managing Partner at Big Rock Senior Housing. Kim, one of the country’s “20 Rising Stars of Real Estate,” has worked with the company to manage $800 million in assets, and continues to showcase his immense capabilities in his role.

At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Kim will join a panel on entrepreneurship with his proven startup mindset. His tips will help budding business owners grow successfully and lead in their own industries.

Prior to his current role, Kim led Carefree Communities in executing over $370 million in acquisitions. He also served as Vice President of Apollo Real Estate Advisors, leading the development of a $400 million project and more. His other past positions have included roles at Walt Disney Imagineering and Merrill Lynch Real Estate. Kim gained his M.B.A. at Harvard and B.A. in economics from UCLA.

Svetlana Kim, Author of “White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee”

Friday Welcome Reception Keynote

Learning from Failure: How to Make The Best Opportunity Out of Failure

How to Find Your Highest Purpose

As an immigrant fleeing Communist Russia in the 90’s, Svetlana Kim, came to the US with virtually nothing in the bank, and few English skills. Through a combination of luck and hard work, her success story comes down to grit, mental toughness, and unfailing optimism. Today, after teaching herself the basics of the stock market through voracious reading, Kim’s fearlessness allows her to celebrate 10 years as a successful solopreneur, keynote speaker, activist, philanthropist, fundraiser, author and radio host.

At the conference, she will discuss failures that would lead to enormous opportunities. Because of her risks, Kim has experience as the leader of the Business Women’s Network, the spokeperson for Macy’s Asian Pacific Heritage Month, and the interviewer of over 200 challenge-defying individuals for her show, “To the Stars Through Adversity.” She actively serves on boards including the Asian Division Friends Society of the Library of Congress, the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and the National Association of Professional Asian American Women. Kim believes success comes with peace and collaboration.

“When you focus on your pain, you become miserable,” Kim said. “You either dwell on misery – or, you go forward. This is what defines great people.”

Pamela Lam, VP of Research and Development at Henkel Laundry & Home Care

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

From projects in Shanghai to working at Unilever, Pamela Lam’s excellent work has taken her overseas and back. Now, Lam is in her 13th year at Henkel, leading sustainable product development for household brands like Persil, Purex, Soft Scrub and more. This follows extensive experience working with national brands like All, Snuggle, Dove and Lux.

Lam’s incredible resume, which boasts experience in diverse disciplines throughout R&D, came with hard work — including effort to prioritize family, friends and hobbies in her busy schedule. On July 8, she will discuss how she created her well-rounded success to help conference attendees do the same.

Lam holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the Steven Institute of Technology and a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Albany. She is also certified in Professional Supply Chain. Outside of work, Lam enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, traveling, eating and learning about different cultures. She currently resides in Scottsdale.

Kristi Lee, Sales & Marketing Strategist at Kristi Lee International

Public Speaking: Experiences, Strategies, and Best Practices to Ace Your Next Presentation

When seeking an inspiring story of entrepreneurship, one does not have to look any further than Kristi Lee. After taking a risk by leaving her successful corporate career in 2006, Lee recreated her life through entrepreneurship as a single mom, and has never looked back since. Today, she is a sales trainer for C-level executives, sales teams and entrepreneurs throughout the United States that seek to learn proven sales systems for peak performance.

Lee holds over 33 years of experience in marketing, retail and business strategy. She has been responsible for product and marketing decisions for more than 2,300 Albertsons stores in 38 states, and negotiations with brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Maybelline and Revlon. On July 8, she will bring her three decades of experience to help conference attendees strengthen their presentation skills.

Lee is one of the founders of ACEL, in which she helped create the Professional Development and Mentorship programs and served as Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors for four years. She is the current President of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association in Phoenix and a Valley Leadership Class 38 graduate. In 2011, she received the Positively Powerful Woman Award for Non-Profit Leadership. Supplementing her outstanding community volunteerism, she co-authored “License To Dream – Every Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom Through Network Marketing” in 2010 to help women step through limiting beliefs and build successful businesses.

Jared Leung, ‎Partner at Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

With clients ranging from individuals and startups to large IT companies, hospitals and healthcare providers, Jared Leung manages a full plate while practicing in the area of immigration law. However, even in the midst of his profession, Leung serves in the community. He is a founding member of the Bangkok District Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and Co-Chair of the Immigration Committee for the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Leung will discuss how he best prioritizes his passions and his career to create a balance in life. This will help attendees gain his level of success and happiness as their own careers scale.

Leung has worked internationally in his profession. He charted new ground in resolving emergency issues and strategizing with corporate clients on the movement of employees between the U.S. and Asia Pacific. Leung is a published author and frequent speaker on U.S. immigration topics.

Michelle Loposky, Military Advocate at the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

Michelle Loposky is a U.S. Army veteran and combat field medic who was deployed after the Bosnian War, as a part of the Stabilization Force humanitarian efforts in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the time, she was stationed out of Fort Hood, Texas, attached to the 61st Aerial Support Medical Battalion.

Today, Loposky’s firsthand knowledge in the difficulties of transitioning from military service to becoming a nontraditional students allows her to provide experienced consultation, guidance, mentorship and advocacy services to prospective military/veteran students like her. As the Military Advocate of the ASU Pat Tillman Veterans Center, she opens doors for veterans and their dependents by helping them navigate services at ASU, the Department of Veterans Affairs and other agencies. Loposky is currently in her eighth year working in higher education.

On July 8, she brings her extensive experiences working at ASU, UA and NYU to help conference attendees balance priorities. Loposky proudly serves as an ACEL mentor and on the Tempe Veterans Commission. She is the Phoenix Alumni President for the University of Miami, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and an English minor. Loposky is currently working on her master’s degree in higher education at Northern Arizona University.

Marcy Luganob, Assignment Desk Manager at NBC Universal’s KTAZ

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

Marcy Luganob McMacken has worked in Arizona local television news for over twenty years as a news assignment editor and assignment manager. As the current assistant manager of NBC Universal’s Telemundo Arizona news (KTAZ), she is an initiator and a media leader for all to follow.

Luganob will present at the Dynamics of Leadership conference to help other busy professionals stay on track in their careers, their community work and their leisure time with loved ones — even when a career seems to constantly demand more.

Prior to working at Telemundo Arizona, she worked as an assignment manager at KTVK, an independent local news in Phoenix. Two years ago, she was hired to create KTAZ’s first assignment desk and has successfully created one that is as competitive as others in the Phoenix market.

George Mui, Senior Business Development Specialist at the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency

Sunday Breakfast Keynote

The Role of Employee Resource Group & Your Career – Representation/Advancement/Advocacy

A Global Strategist with a passion for Asian American advocacy, George Mui is a federal government leader whose award-winning impact transcends national borders. Currently, he helps develop global business with a focus on the Asian Market, while representing the MBDA on the President’s National Export Initiative (NEI) Small Business Working Group.

Since joining the MBDA in 2008, Mui has successfully created resources for minority business owners through his innovative programs and as a Senior Advisor for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He will bring his experience in employee resource groups and knowledge of government resources to help conference attendees expand their businesses on July 8 and 9.

Mui continues to prioritize his service toward community development. He serves on his alma mater Illinois Institute of Technology’s Alumni Board and created the Asian American Executive Network in 2013. In 2011, Mui was inducted to the Asian American Hall of Fame in Chicago.

Sharon Ng, Litigator and Partner at Stinson Leonard Street

Running for Public Office 101: Your Hands-On Guide to Public Office

As a representative for businesses in commercial disputes at Stinson Leonard Street, Sharon Ng prides herself on staying by her client’s side through each step of the litigation process. Her client service priority allows her to provide hands-on guidance in employment and labor law, while vigorously defending employers in workplace disputes. Ng is also the chair of the firm’s Tribal Law and Governance practice group, in which she prosecutes and defends Native American tribes and tribal entities’ interests in Arizona tribal courts.

Throughout her career, Ng has represented international corporations, major financial institutions and more. She brings her professional experience to guide and moderate a panel on running for public office, featuring two major politicians, to the Dynamics of Leadership conference on July 8.

Ng is the former president of the State Bar of Arizona Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law. She served as Stinson Leonard Street’s Leadership Council on Legal Diversity 2015 Fellow.

Rebecca Okamoto, Founder of Evoke.Pro

The Perfect Introduction: How to say who you are and what you do in 20 words or less

How to capture and keep attention in a world where no one has time to listen

Rebecca Okamoto climbed high on the corporate ladder of success with consumers good giant Procter & Gamble. There, she became the first Asian American woman to reach a senior management level in her field, and the first woman of Japanese descent to run a supply chain in Japan. But at the height of her career, she chose a new path: her own virtual mentorship and leadership development consultancy.

Okamoto’s path to success was paved with increasing potential, challenges and most of all, mentorship that transformed her from an unremarkable manager to a great leader. Today, she is armed as a passion for mentorship (especially for Asian Americans and women). She delivers workshops in which she inspires audiences to be tenacious when pursuing their goals, as will be the case at the Dynamics of Leadership Conference.

“It’s important for Asian-Americans to understand that it’s possible to be vibrant, and humble at the same time,” Okamoto said. “When you choose to speak up and do the right thing, you stay true to your values, and you’ll rise in your career at the same time.”

Amanthi Pendegraft, Director at KPMG Advisory

The Role of Employee Resource Group & Your Career – Representation/Advancement/Advocacy

With over 12 years of experience in delivering IT advisory and audit engagements, Amanthi Pendegraft has developed IT policies, conducted implementation reviews and much more. In addition, she serves as a committee member for the KPMG Phoenix Network of Women and the KPMG Phoenix Diversity Council, showing her commitment to making a difference within and outside of her profession.

Pendegraft will present conference attendees her tips for using employee resource groups to scale their careers, while maintaining representation and advocacy for minority groups.

Pendegraft is an experienced speakers and researcher who gained her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University. She has experience with a substantial amount of industries, ranging from technology and banking to manufacturing and biomedical.

Vicente Reid, CEO and Executive Director of the Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce

Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Prioritize Competing Priorities

Vicente Reid is dedicated to the Asian American Pacific Islander community, and has shown his commitment with over 10 years working within it. Currently the CEO of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, he also acts as the Civic Engagement Manager for Asian Pacific Community in Action, co-publisher/editor of the Asian SUN News and the co-founder of the Arizona Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus. He is further affiliated with over 10 organizations.

At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Reid will discuss how he maintains his work-life balance, prioritizing to the best of his ability. With his tips, attendees will understand how to bring balance back to their own lives.

Reid, an ASU graduate, has demonstrated his political awareness and passion for years to ensure that every community has a voice. He spent a year teaching impoverished farm children in Asia, where he learned the importance and need of a vocal and strong community. Reid works diligently to get our community involved, educated and active in the political process.

Dale Ting, Founder of EntreAsians and Wild Ting Enterprises

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

The Beach Office: How To Build a Business Around The Lifestyle You Want

“You have to get over your fear of failure.”

Serial entrepreneur Dale Ting has taken risk after risk, despite a common stigma against failure within the Asian American community. This risk has translated into the growth of two strong organizations since 2011: Asian American entrepreneur connector EntreAsians and the multi-faceted Wild Ting Enterprises.

In the community, Ting works closely with the Asian Corporate as its former president and Cincinnati, Ohio board member. He established ACEL’s first SoCal chapter at the start of 2017, and after 10 years of experience in product development and R&D for Procter and Gamble.

His passion for mentoring other budding entrepreneurs and leaders inspired Ting to bring a discussion on lifestyle entrepreneurship to the Dynamics of Leadership conference. Through his talk, attendees will understand how to create businesses that sustain their chosen lifestyles, overcome fear, and achieve productivity in business and practical issues like insurance and taxes.

Salena Tong, Information Technology Manager at Mayo Clinic

The Role of Employee Resource Group & Your Career – Representation/Advancement/Advocacy

With 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Salena Tong has served in diverse roles on technical teams at Mayo Clinic. Today, she continues to integrate the rapid transformation of technologies across Mayo Clinic as the manager of an enterprise data delivery team. In her position, she leads virtual teams meet the data delivery needs of the Mayo Clinic practice and regulatory compliance agencies.

On July 8, Tong volunteers her knowledge on a panel about employee resource groups and their benefits. Through this panel, she will help rising leaders gain support from peers, representation in their industries and advancement in their careers.

Tong received her master’s degree in health administration from Washington University. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Trinity University.

Tran Tran, Founder of Axis Employment Services

Entrepreneurial Panel: Initializing Your Start-Up

When Tran Thi Huyen Tran immigrated to the United States in 1975, her own business was not yet in sight. At the time, she was a young child who had just fled Vietnam with safety, but very little else. But she would quickly learned English, later earning her degree in business communication from Cal State Long Beach.

Fast forward 26 years from her first day in the U.S. and Tran would establish Axis Employment Services, a highly successful company that has changed lives for many in need of careers, whether temporary or full-time. At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, her expertise in building a business from the ground up and in facing failure will change the lives of budding business owners, too.

Tran’s journey into entrepreneurship has earned her company Top 25 Minority Business Awards through the Phoenix Business Journal since 2006. In addition, Axis Employment Services has been named a Top 10 Minority Owned Company by Republic Media from consecutively from 2013 to 2016.

Sen. Kimberly Yee, Arizona Senate Majority Leader at Arizona’s 20th Legislative District

Running for Public Office 101: Your Hands-On Guide to Public Office

Kimberly Yee is the first-ever Asian American woman elected to serve in the Arizona Legislature and only the second woman to serve as a Senate Majority Leader since U.S. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor served in 1973. The need to break enormous barriers has not slowed Yee down. She leads the Senate Ethics Committee and the Rules Committee, and has served in various other committees, as well.

At the Dynamics of Leadership conference, Yee will present her tips for running for public office, helping attendees use government leadership as a platform for change, as she does today.

Today, Yee is one of the nation’s “25 Most Influential Women in State Politics” and an “Emerging Leader.” She spoke on stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention, and was once appointed as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as Deputy Cabinet Secretary on his Cabinet. On a national level, she worked in the U.S. Department of Justice as a researcher and paralegal. Yee earned her bachelor’s degrees from Pepperdine and master’s degree from ASU.

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