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1A: Elevating Your Brand Experience *- With so much confusion over the ongoing pandemic, finding the right balance to harmonize work and life; and shifting public attitudes about returning to work, how do you adequately prepare for the future?  Joining professional organizations such as ACEL not only lays the foundation to expand your network and gain leadership skills, but also gives you the building blocks to re-envision your brand. Bill Imada, Chairman and Chief Connectivity Officer, and Joanne Tabellija-Murphy, Director of Strategic Outreach and Engagement, will facilitate an interactive workshop that will inspire you to create, tell, and live your story. You’ll work in groups to learn how to: Align with other points of view, embrace the value of diversity, and find inspiration in everything you see, feel, taste, hear and touch.

1B Rooted Identities: Asian Americans Thriving in Business and Entrepreneurship * –  A comprehensive backdrop of historical and social issues among Asian Americans will be discussed in connection with current issues of discrimination, prejudice and hate crimes. Participates will understand how these issues impact Asian Americans’ ability to thrive in business, and what strategies can be used to re-frame the narrative. Additionally, attendees will learn how self-concept, identity, and self-efficacy in the workforce contribute to strong leadership skills.

1C The Technology of Connection: Why Relationship Building and Collaboration Might Be Your Most Powerful Tool * – Is success in business or entrepreneurship possible without meaningful relationships? We think not. A relationship balance sheet is key to advancing your career, creating an exciting journey in a start up, or enjoying all the hours you spend at work. That goes for the top leaders, the visionaries, the team, and the newest employee. Consider these critical skills as you venture through work, family, and life. The skill of authentic relationship development and a “people first” ethos will offer greater satisfaction for your teams, and for you personally. And might be the secret sauce for deal-making.  The culture you create through how you work with and talk with team members, friends and family set the tone. Gain new insights on how to bring the technology of connection into your life. No app needed.

2A Minority Representation in the C-Suite: Navigating a Career Path to Executive Leadership ** – The hot buzzword in corporate governance and diversity is Employee Resource Group (ERG). Targeting senior-level Asian managers who are in the position to attain higher levels of management, this panel discussion works specifically to hone the skills associated with executive leadership while incorporating a focus on the relevant influences of = Asian cultural heritage and values. The 2022 ACEL Conference invites high-achieving Asian-American executives to share their experience as executive leaders. Participants will have an opportunity to build a strong community based on shared experiences and develop a personal action plan to transform classroom learning into personal and professional success.

2B Why Risk Taking is Important in Business? ** – Entrepreneurship in any form is something that can seem like an impossible endeavor. Many people dream of going on their own journey and being their own boss, but have never taken the step to release themselves from their nine-to-five routine. Some may fear leading their own company and the risks associated with doing so Without proper leadership, startups may fail very quickly, with 70% of startups failing by their 10th year. However, all successful entrepreneurs went out on a limb and started their journey to make a name for themselves and their endeavor. This panel of business owners will share the risk they took to own their dream business

2C Be the Star of Your Life: How to Get from Here to There in your Life and Career *- Having trouble visualizing ways to achieve your personal or professional goals? Thinking about starting a new venture but unsure if it’s the right path for you? Wondering if you are making the most of your unique abilities and cultural identity? Get the answers to these questions and more as award-winning Certified Hypnotherapist, TV-radio host, motivational speaker, Panney Wei brings her positive message and uplifting perspective to ACEL. She will discuss tips for success, methods for re-channeling your energy, how to produce individual change, and steps for implementing a workable plan to create opportunities. It’s all about having a passion, purpose, and plan. Get energized with Panney and learn how to activate your dreams and goals step by step, overcome obstacles, reinvent yourself, and get motivated to make that vertical leap to success!

3A How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team ** – A true leader’s ability to influence and empower others depends on the ability to maximize the strengths of each team member. Each person brings something unique to the table, and it is the leader’s responsibility to harness that talent and turn it into something actionable. In this session, learn how to bring out the best in your employees and leverage your teams’ strengths to accomplish your goals.

3B Take Your Business from Start-Up to Powerhouse * – Everyone’s definition of leadership is different. Loud or quiet? Strong or graceful? Energetic or low-key? Whatever style of leadership you prefer, the most important aspect of great leadership is the impact you have on those around you. In this workshop, we will look at various leadership models and how to apply them effectively throughout the stages of growing a business. Andrew Chau, Inc. Magazine 500 award recipient, will provide real-life examples of how he navigated difficult management decisions as he scaled his companies into the powerhouses they are today.

3C Build Your Community Architecture * – We all know the importance of Networking and have heard of ways to build and expand your network. However, sometimes those “ways” may not be exactly your style, and you may have trouble finding connections across different audiences. In this session, our guest speaker will use her experience to help participants build out their network layer by layer: from laying the foundation, to expanding and strengthening connections, and finally building a community. Participants will learn how to use design thinking to get involved with the community and how to identify people across your architecture and engage them in meaningful work.

4A: Speaking and acting with power * – Do you remember getting marked off in English class for using passive voice? It is no different than how people perceive your leadership ability if you use passive language. Speaking with intent, focusing on actionable statements, and strengthening your public speaking are all methods to project a stronger personal leadership. All you need to do is identify your communication weaknesses and employ clear, consistent communication to elevate yourself.

4B How to Start a Business with Little Money? * – Has the cost of a piece equipment or the numbers on a leasing agreement deterred you from actualizing your business idea? Join Ian So, CEO of the popular Chicken & Rice Guys and Board Member for ACE NextGen, in learning about how he started a successful business with little startup of his own. Ian did not let the cost of starting a business stop him from achieving greatness as an entrepreneur and neither should you. Attendees should expect to learn methods and tactics needed to mitigate the monetary challenges of starting a business through the backdrop of Ian’s successes. Moreover, Ian will share and explain the framework he has refined through his continued success and will encourage attendees to engage with one another in brainstorming the next steps of their future entrepreneurial ventures together.

4C How parents can use communication and connection to bridge cultural and generational differences ** –  Parenting is a lifelong journey, and for second and third generation parents, this journey comes with the challenges and opportunities associated with navigating generational differences in a multicultural world. Parents and guardians feel a responsibility to help children understand and appreciate the blend of culture and traditions that form their heritage, while also providing the space needed for them to form their own identity and recognize the cultural diversity among their peers. This panel discussion will provide insight on how to approach and initiate these conversations, from talking with young children who become naturally curious about differences in skin color, hair texture, or cultural values, to developing a more mature relationship with older children who are engaging with the world on their own. Attendees will learn how parents and guardians can utilize open communication to share their own stories and build a sense of cultural identity that their children will proudly carry with them into adulthood.

5A: Be a mindful leader – Mindfulness Practice, Stress Management, and Mindful Productivity * – The most powerful leaders practice compassion, focus, clarity and creativity. They cultivate the abilities to be present, open-minded, non-judgmental, thoughtful, and can navigate stressful situations with calm and clarity. Whether you lead a small team, a large business unit, a company, a family, or just yourself, mindfulness is a must-have quality to be a successful leader. Join mindfulness expert, Monica Wang, a thought leader in the field of mindfulness, to learn more about being a mindful leader. The session will provide insights and strategies that help develop compassion, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, stress management skills, mindfulness productivity as well as guided mindfulness practices (breathing and meditation techniques).

5B Raising Your Voice: Sharing Your Stories and Expertise With News Media ** – The Arizona Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) invites you to join the Media Access panel at this year’s ACEL Dynamics of Leadership Conference. Learn how to cultivate meaningful relationships with journalists—beyond Twitter and Instagram interactions— and work with the media to tell your stories effectively. Hear from Arizona journalists on what you can do to share your expertise and raise up voices in your communities. Share your “elevator” story pitches with our panel, and receive feedback on what works and what could be improved, with an eye on print and online publication and broadcast.

5C It’s Our Time: Women’s Empowerment and Leadership in Business * – Anti-Asian racism, micro-assaults, commercial discrimination and hate crimes that have risen across the pandemic, culminating in the March Atlanta shootings of eight people (six of which were women of Asian descent). In response to these horrific acts, a national outcry and reevaluation of cultural identity has begun to take hold in Asian American communities Perpetuated stereotypes and issues that Asian American women face in business, intersectionality of gender, race, age and class, as well as microaggressions will ground the discussion. In a workplace culture, racist acts usually play out as microaggressions – those small verbal or nonverbal slights, snubs, or insults. Questions posed in this workshop session will include: What does it mean to be an Asian American woman in business? How can you self-advocate for your power, agency, and well-being in corporate America?

6A: Adapting your Communication Style to Get Things Done * – People have different ways they habitually communicate to and with others that is developed from our learned experiences. Being able to understand varied communication styles and developing the ability to adapt your own communication to match other communication styles will enhance your leadership tremendously. In this workshop, participants will learn about other communication styles versus their own communication styles, and understand how to communicate more effectively with others by matching communication styles while tailoring their own communication to reach others where they are at.

6B: Transforming Ideas into Purpose-Driven Goals * – Many individuals get great business ideas – but an idea is an idea. It could be abstract or scattered; how to constructively put ideas into action remains a big challenge. In this workshop, our speaker will use her life experience and real time success to share tips and toolkits to help participants roadmap their ideas into actionable steps, and transform their ideas, creativities, and artistic impulses into an entrepreneurial pursuit.

6C Fireside Chat – Out and Proud Challenging Asian Stereotypes  ** – For many Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, coming out is a lifelong process that can require a different approach because of cultural norms or traditions that emphasize duty to family and community. Existing at the intersection of these identities is a challenge for many, but with the help of our panelists’ work and visibility, they endeavor to make it easier. They provide aid, hardwork, and representation to an often overlooked community. Today they will share the challenges they face and highlight success they have.

7A: Utilizing Multicultural Identities to Your Advantage – Personal leadership style, communication ** – Multicultural people are often asked, “Which are you more of?” or “Which are you really?” Instead of having people focus on what you are missing, show people how each facet of your identity has a presence in how you approach leadership. Bernard Bass said, “The values, beliefs, norms and ideals embedded in a culture affect leadership behavior, goals, and strategies of organizations.” Our cultural backgrounds shape the type of leaders we are. Learn to uncover the unique perspectives and values that influence your personal leadership style. Remember, you are not half of something, you are the sum of all of the parts that make you a strong leader.

7B Scaling Your Business Through Company Culture * – Are you a business owner managing employees or are you a manager with several reports and looking to build a more productive, self-sufficient, and engaged team? Then this session is for you! Come learn the research and personal stories Ian So has learned to take his Boston, Massachusetts based company from one food truck in 2012, to 6 food trucks, 3 restaurants, and 50 employees that he now manage remotely in Houston, Texas. This session will break down the 3 most important building blocks to foster a company culture starting from personal development, senior leadership development, and then managing the overall business. You will hear his personal story of applying culture and leadership lessons from food & beverage leaders, military doctrines, and personal development philosophies. You will take away tools, systems, and personal lessons that you can apply directly to your businesses and/or teams to help improve the bottom line, employee engagement scores, and most importantly, improve your work-life balance. 

7C. Importance of Joining a Board, for Oneself and One’s Community ** – Participation on a board provides the opportunity to pursue a more active role within a business or nonprofit organization. It lays the foundation for future leadership positions by providing the ability to expand your network, deepen your skill sets, and connect with people from different areas of expertise. In this session, we will address the topic of joining the board from interest to execution and how we as Asian Americans can leverage our experience to bring a perspective that facilitates positive change in our community.

8ABC – Using the Power of Your Mind for Balance, Sustainable Growth, and Achieving Your Goals Achieving personal and professional success is not an easy feat while trying to balance the responsibilities and stressors of everyday life. The potential to reach your goals is within you, but the challenge is learning how to focus your mind and create opportunities to produce your desired outcomes. Motivational speaker and hypnotherapist/empowerment coach, Panney Wei, will guide you into making your dreams become a reality in this session.

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