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1A: Navigating Office Politics, Leveraging Family Dynamics * – Harness the power of cultural nuances with “Navigating Office Politics & Leveraging Family Dynamics!” This session provides Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) with a transformative tool to pivot common family dynamics to organizational contexts. Learn to seamlessly transition your understanding of APA politics to navigate office politics and leverage the collectivist tendencies of APA culture. Embrace office politics from a unique, community-based worldview, refining your interactions and amplifying your influence within the organization.   Dr. Vu H. Pham will share his knowledge and experiences, providing valuable insights on how to identify and address common challenges in the workplace. You will learn to navigate office politics ethically, build strong alliances, and establish a positive influence within your organization.

1B How to Create WOW Experiences for Colleagues and Clients * –  Discover the power of creating WOW experiences for colleagues and clients in this session. Learn how fostering meaningful relationships is essential for business growth. Explore practical ideas and strategies to exceed expectations, personalize interactions, and create memorable experiences. Elevate your professional life by joining us to unlock the secrets of taking your business relationships to the next level.

1C Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Balancing Social Impact and Profitability – Insights from Trailblazing Professionals * Be part of a thought-provoking panel discussion on “Women Balancing Social Impact and Profitability.” Gain insights from trailblazing professionals who have successfully created social impact while building profitable businesses. Learn practical advice and actionable tips on leveraging technology, sustainable practices, and social entrepreneurship models. Join us for an inspiring and inclusive event that fosters connections, collaboration, and collective action towards a more equitable and sustainable future. Redefine entrepreneurship and celebrate the achievements of exceptional women who have shattered glass ceilings and reshaped industries. This panel discussion brings together experts, professionals, and advocates passionate about the intersection of business success and social responsibility. Explore a range of topics and gain valuable insights from our panelists.

2A ERGs: Cultivating Leadership Skills and Strategic Networks for Advancing Your Career ** – ERGs offer an environment of inclusivity, acceptance, and connection within the workplace. They serve as a platform for learning from peers and executives about essential leadership skills required for advancing to higher levels in your career. Our distinguished panelists are pioneers within their organizations, having either established, led, or joined ERGs to foster a more robust sense of community. They will illuminate how ERGs, along with the valuable relationships cultivated, have profoundly impacted their career trajectories and leadership odysseys. Join us to gain insights into leveraging ERGs for personal and professional growth.

2B Stronger Together by the Sum of Our Differences * – Uncover and harness your strengths in this empowering session! Engage in a playful and impactful experience, exploring and sharing your unique skills and traits to empower yourself as an individual and team player. Through dynamic techniques like LEGO® Serious Play and creative problem solving, discover your distinctive character strengths, gaining valuable insights for increased success. Participate in interactive activities and collaborative discussions, uncovering practical ways to apply these skills and attributes in the workplace to enhance your confidence and competence. Through the power of creativity and play, you’ll strengthen your abilities, learn effective tools for problem-solving and idea development, and walk away with actionable strategies to excel in your professional environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your potential, elevate your performance, and become an invaluable asset to your team!

2C Read and lead your audience (and give a perfect update in 10 sentences or less) *– Are you a lost Einstein? Do you have a great idea, but no one seems to get it? Or do you have to give an update, but you don’t know how to make it brief, without losing the details? If only you knew EXACTLY what your audience was looking for…. If you knew, you’d eliminate the details your audience didn’t care about. You’d skip frustrating delays, confusion and rework. And you’d nail your message in record time. If you’re tired of wondering how to target more accurately what your audience wants, then come and learn this fast and practical approach to pinpoint top-of-mind needs. This session is designed to help you focus and adjust your communication based on your audience, and more successfully engage them. You’ll learn how to: • Identify what your audience is looking for. • Position your topic as a “must-learn-more” proposition. • Create a concise, compelling update or message in 10 sentences or less.

3A Harnessing the Power of AI: Transforming Business Landscapes through Innovation and Efficiency ** – The panel discussion revolves around the transformative impact of AI on the business landscape, representing a true game changer. The event aims to delve into the potential of harnessing AI to yield significant time, cost, and resource savings. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore how AI empowers businesses to establish reusable systems, fostering innovation and scalability within organizations. Throughout the panel, esteemed experts and industry leaders will showcase a diverse range of AI applications, providing practical insights and presenting real-world examples to illustrate the tangible benefits of incorporating AI into various business domains

3B Embracing Challenges: The Entrepreneurial Journey * – Explore the world of entrepreneurship and consider leaving your corporate job for a “solopreneur” journey. This two-part workshop delves into the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship while guiding you through the steps of becoming an entrepreneur. Join us as we navigate the uncertain and innovative path of starting a company. Engage in authentic discussions about the early stages of entrepreneurship, co-founding a business with a family member, and the hidden struggles of business growth. Conclude the workshop with a hands-on brainstorming session, where you’ll identify your skills and explore niche markets. Together, let’s transform potential into reality on this exciting entrepreneurial adventure.

3C Power of Brainstorming * – Brainstorming is a process that is often taken for granted.  Yet when utilized well, it can be fun, engaging, and fuel teamwork and creative problem-solving.  Join us for a brainstorming session that incorporates easy-to-master techniques that involve every person in the room to secure the very best from your corporate, governmental, academic, and nonprofit teams

4A: Taking Charge of Your Career: Unleashing Your Potential for Success * – Many of us grew up expecting that if we work hard, the recognition and rewards will follow; however, there is more to it than that. Nobody will manage your career better than YOU! In this session we will talk about tips on managing your career, why it’s important, and when and how you should be doing so. This is not a “one size fits all” approach, but rather lessons learned that we can share with each other.

4B Create Strategic Partnerships That Become Your Revenue Multiplier * – In this workshop, you will learn what strategic partnerships are, what are some of the most successful business partnerships, and how we can all explore various ways of working together. The beauty of partnerships lies in creativity, knowing what we are trying to achieve, understanding the partners’ objectives (empathy), and the most critical component – synergy. This workshop will be fun, interactive, and most importantly leave you with takeaways that you can apply to your own business. As they say, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

4C Empowering Asian American Pacific Islander leaders through Mentorship and Community ** –  This panel discussion focuses on the importance of mentorship and community support in empowering Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders. It highlights the unique challenges faced by AAPI individuals in leadership roles and explores strategies for providing mentorship and building strong networks within the AAPI community. The session aims to inspire and equip AAPI leaders with the necessary tools to overcome obstacles, foster leadership skills, and create positive change in their communities.

5A: Building Stronger Connections in a Hybrid Workplace: Fostering Relationships Across Teams * – Many organizations are finding that building a cohesive company culture and keeping employees engaged is more challenging than ever with a growing hybrid workforce. In addition to feeling disconnected, remote employees may have a harder time building productive relationships across teams. Learn how to tackle these obstacles in the hybrid workplace so you can build stronger connections with your team and across your company.

5B Business Insights: Panel on Growth, Marketing, and Personal Development ** – Join us for an engaging panel discussion featuring industry experts as we delve into a diverse range of topics crucial for business growth and personal development. Gain valuable insights into effective strategies for marketing your business, managing entrepreneurial stress, and fostering personal growth. Explore the art of calculated risk-taking, business analysis for informed decision-making, and the path to achieving success. Discover techniques to maximize employee potential, effectively manage finances, and ensure successful plan execution. Learn the nuances of pitching your business and uncover key negotiation topics for successful collaborations with partners. Don’t miss this comprehensive event to elevate your business acumen and personal growth.

5C How to Create a Community and Representation for Mixed Asian Pacifics * –  Discover the strategies and techniques employed by Mixed Asian Media to foster a vibrant and inclusive community for mixed Asian Pacific individuals. Gain valuable insights into community building, representation, and networking through an overview of their successful initiatives. Explore the power of partnerships in amplifying diverse voices and creating meaningful connections. Whether you’re interested in building your own community or simply passionate about supporting underrepresented groups, this event offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from a pioneering leader in the field. Don’t miss out on this inspiring discussion and practical advice.

6A: Executive Charisma—Asian Style: Leverage Context, Build Charisma * – Executive Charisma (EC) remains a challenge for all levels, and even executives can always further hone ours. Add to the hurdles the perception that APA professionals lack interpersonal skills, let alone charisma. What if we invert these challenges into opportunities—and strengths—as we leverage Asian strengths of context and collectivism to cultivate charisma? This session addresses this inverted thinking into strategic actions that executives can immediately deploy.

6B: Breaking the Barrier & Scaling to $1M * –  Discover the transformative workshop that unveils the path to reaching the significant milestone of $1 million in annual revenue, a feat accomplished by only ~9% of companies. Learn how small businesses can increase revenue and transition from six to seven figures. Gain valuable insights into expanding your team, narrowing down your niche, and transitioning from manual methods to CRM systems. Explore proven methods and real-life examples of successful scaling, while addressing common hiring mistakes, the importance of key pipelines, and the crucial shift from day-to-day operations to process management. This workshop caters to newly created small businesses or established businesses operating within the $100,000 – $900,000 range. Propel your business towards greater financial success with this invaluable workshop.

6C Powering Success: Small Businesses & Utilities Collaboration ** – Join us for an informative session on how small businesses can successfully engage with utilities companies. Discover the strategies and opportunities available to establish valuable partnerships and secure contracts in this sector. Learn about the procurement process, supplier diversity initiatives, and key considerations when navigating utility industry regulations. Industry experts will share insights, practical tips, and success stories to empower small businesses to thrive in this lucrative market. Don’t miss this chance to gain valuable knowledge and network with utilities professionals. Whether you offer products or services, this event will equip you with the tools to unlock growth and collaboration with utilities companies

7A: Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Negotiation – Strategies to Claim Your Worth ** – Women face unique challenges when it comes to negotiating: underestimating our professional value and avoiding assertiveness. These obstacles make negotiating more difficult, but no less important, which is why you’ve got to be extra prepared. Learn specific and proven strategies to negotiate and ask for what you are worth.

7B  Canva Mastery for Business Success * – Immerse yourself in an immersive session on Canva Mastery for Business Success. Learn invaluable skills to enhance your design and content creation abilities, and take your business to new heights. Discover how to strategically incorporate QR codes into your designs for effective communication. Unlock the power of the Magic DOX feature to optimize your content writing process. Streamline your workflow by uploading videos and photos directly to Canva folders for seamless design and social media posts. Harness the potential of the content calendar to save time and increase productivity. Create stunning design synergy with branding boards that utilize fonts and colors. Elevate your designs with audio and animations while optimizing sizing for various platforms. Finally, learn how to seamlessly connect your social media channels to your content calendar for efficient management. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Canva expert and grow your business like never before!

7C. Mentors, Sponsors and Advocates….Oh My! *Mentors can be critical to your career and growth.  What does a good mentor look like, how do you find the right one and know they’re the right one?  Can you “break up” with a mentor and what does that look like?  Are you giving back and mentoring others – how does that work?  What is the difference between a mentor, a coach, a sponsor and an advocate?  Do you need all of them and can they be the same person.  In this session, we will talk through these questions and develop an action plan.

8ABC – Be Seen. Be Heard. Get Recognized. – How to sing your own praises and get the recognition you deserve? * – Yes, results DO matter but they aren’t the only criteria to advance your career. Are you a dutiful, head-down employee, waiting to be recognized? Are you frustrated that your peers are getting promoted ahead of you, and the only difference is that they’re better at self-promotion than you are? In reality HOW we achieve our results is often as important as the results themselves. And promoting ourselves is a critical part of recognition and advancement. If you’re tired of waiting for recognition, if you’re an introvert, or if you’re worried about looking self-serving, this workshop is designed for you. In this interactive session you’ll learn simple, but powerful framework to promote yourself without being pushy, and get the recognition you deserve.

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