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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Moving into Executive Leadership

Taking the next steps into corporate leadership can be an extremely daunting task. Being of Asian descent can present its own set of unique and challenging obstacles to success. Learn how to leverage your own personal experiences and background to propel you towards climbing that corporate ladder and achieving your goals.

How to Bring Out the Best in People

One of the first things that many look for in leader is the ability to lead others, empowering others to achieve their own personal success, and to bring out strengths in others to the forefront. In this session learn how to embody these characteristics to bring out the best in your employees and to utilize their strengths.

How to be an entrepreneur with no time, no money, and no ideas

Many people want to be an entrepreneur. Most don’t do anything about it. Excuses abound for “Wantreprenuers” who never get around to doing it. This workshop will take care of the top three excuses that Wantrepreneurs have for not starting a business: time, money, and ideas. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, as these built in excuses will go away and you’ll be forced to get going! You’ll leave with actionable strategies that you’ll practice during the workshop and a new mindset that will catapult you on your way to your own business.

Interpersonal Communication: Ways to Develop Your Public Speaking Skills

Interpersonal communication and public speaking continue to play a vital role in corporate success. Often, the individual with better interpersonal communication and public speaking skills will edge out the equally qualified individual. Don’t let this be a barrier to your success and come join us in a session to polish up your communication and public speaking skills!

How to Say Who You Are and What You Do

First impressions matter! Science tells us that it only takes SECONDS for people to judge our credibility and trustworthiness. Are you prepared to answer, “What do you do?”Everyone knows that we only get one shot to make that first impression. But few have learned how to craft and communicate an introduction that captives the listener. In this interactive workshop, I’ll show you to write an engaging personal brand headline and use it to your advantage.

Turn Your Pitch Into a “Tell Me More” Moment

We work in a fast paced, multi-tasking, attention deficit environment. Ge your pitch wrong and you are arguing instead of engaging, and confusing people versus closing deals. A great pitch can turn a 90 second introduction into a “tell me more” moment. This hands on workshop is where you’ll learn to pitch, persuade, and engage with greater confidence and success.

Legal Basics to Forming Your Own Business

Do you need to create a corporation or an LLC? What are the potential tax ramifications? Does my partnership need written terms? Are my assets protected? These are common questions that are asked when people take the first step in creating their business. Learn what is the most beneficial business structure and the resources available to you when creating your business.

Global Path to Success: Leveraging Connections to Asia and Beyond

Globalization is a great equalizer allowing new, start-up companies to connect with the global economy with fewer barriers to entry. How does one actually utilize the local resources to tap into the global network? Learn how to start connecting your business into the global network to expand your business.

Developing Your Personal Triple Bottom Line: Aligning Your Career with Personal, and Service Goals True to Your Core Values

Corporations that value sustainability adopt a Triple Bottom Line (“TBL”) accounting framework as they seek to balance long-term profitability with environmental and social justice. This interactive session will explore what young professionals can learn from these efforts as they seek to align their career, personal, and service goals with their own core values.

Breaking the Asian Mold and Becoming a Leader in the Community

For too long, the common misnomer is that Asians in communities are insular and stay amongst themselves. Join in on this session to learn how to break away from this outdated misconception about the Asian community and first steps of being involved in the local community.

Ways to Serve on a Non-Profit Board and How it Can Benefit Your Personal Life and Career

Often, motivated professionals want to pursue a more active role within nonprofit organizations, but simply do not know where to even get started. Whether it be finding a non-profit organization to even engage with or to take the next big step and plunge into board membership. Learn the ins and outs of pursuing your passion with a nonprofit organization, how to approach being a board member of a non-profit, as well lingering questions you’ve had about what being a board member entails in program.

Promoting diversity in the workplace and ERG best practices

Many companies have formed Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s) to help promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and to address the needs of a diverse workforce. We are including an opportunity for members to learn how corporate leaders support diversity initiatives through Asian ERG’s and also independently as leaders within their organizations. ERG leaders will also share experiences, “best practices”, and the current issues their ERG’s are facing

Getting the Nerve to Going out on Your Own: Transition to Being Your Own Boss

You are ready to start your own business venture. You have your concerns and doubts as anyone would when they begin this process. Listen to and participate in this panel of distinguished entrepreneurs and how they got the nerve to do it on their own. Hear their struggles, concerns, and doubts as they moved through their journey to success.

Current Issues Facing Asian Americans: Is the Model Minority a Myth or Reality?

What are the current issues facing the AAPI community in America? Is the “model minority” myth actually hurting our communities? What about our presence and representation in the media? Or the impact of local, state, and federal laws on our AAPI communities? Join us for open and honest discussions of issues facing the AAPI community in modern American society.

Leadership and Parenting While Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

Can you have it all? How do you work towards that next promotion while trying to maintain your personal relationships? Are children even possible when your career takes an upward trajectory? Join in on this interactive panel as they thoughtfully discuss how to achieve a balance in the work place and in your personal life. Find out how to begin your success while balancing it all.


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