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1A. Building the Bench: How Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Develop and Advocate for Minority Groups in the WorkplaceAs Employee Resource Groups have grown in sophistication and impact, companies’ expectations for ERGs have risen and so have the expectations of their leaders. Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders (ACEL) partnered with the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI), U.S. Department of Commerce – Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) and the Asia/Pacific American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (National ACE) this year to promote growth and competitiveness of minority groups in the corporate and business world.

1B. How Does Your Brand Measure Up? Apply the HALO Model to Assess Your Branding Strategy – In this presentation, you will be shown how your brand is a 360-degree integrated ecosystem and be given a tool to begin a H.A.L.O. model for your company or yourself. ‘H.A.L.O.’ is Holistic Approach, Leveraged Outcome. H.A.L.O. allows organizations to examine their brand in its entirety from an aerial view – focusing on a primary core and secondary external hubs. This method enables brands to analyze and measure a component individually while strategizing ways to integrate all components to influence audiences and reach corporate objectives. The H.A.L.O. system uses internal alignment within your organization to grow externally. H.A.L.O. employs psychodynamics to understand what motivates people, enabling us to craft an integrated plan to influence how they think, behave, and buy. Stop hacking through the ground-level weeds and see the whole picture from above.

1C. Balancing Priorities: Sharing Dialogue on the Quest for Work-Life BalanceHave you ever wondered how can you have it all? Career? Success? Family? Community Involvement? – As the speed of “getting business done” has accelerated, the separation between career and personal life has blurred. Now more than ever, work/life balance remains an elusive concept as the average American work week tops 70 hours. Learn from accomplished professionals about their candid stories of climbing the corporate ladder and working in environments all while developing relationships, getting married, starting families, and dealing with the psychological and financial cost of exiting/entering the workforce.

2A. Minority Representation in the C-Suite: Navigating a Career Path to Executive LeadershipThe hot buzzword in corporate governance and diversity is Employee Resource Group (ERG).  Targeting senior-level Asian managers who are in the position to attain higher levels of management, this panel discussion works specifically to hone the skills associated with executive leadership while incorporating a focus on the relevant influences of their Asian cultural heritage and values.  The 2019 ACEL Conference invites high-achieving Asian-American executives to share their experience as executive leaders. You’ll have an opportunity to build a strong community based on shared experiences and develop a personal action plan to transform classroom learning into personal and professional success. ​

2B. How to Start A Business with No Time, No Money, and No IdeasHave you been dreaming about the flexibility, money, or fulfillment of having your own business but don’t know where to start? Perhaps surprising to many, you can start a business without mortgaging the house, quitting your steady well-paying job, or having the next killer idea. In this workshop you will learn concepts and lessons on how to reduce the risk of starting a business, get over the fear of failure, and unlearn the non-entrepreneurial habits our parents and corporate jobs taught us. You’ll learn how to leverage online tools, social media, local farmers markets, and other ideas to take comfortable, calculated risks… not big scary ones. You’ll learn what you should be worried about (e.g. if people will buy your product), and what you shouldn’t be worried about (e.g. a logo). You will walk away with a newfound perspective, strategy, and confidence to launch and grow a new business today.

2C. Be the Change: Leadership in the Non-Profit SectorHaving the opportunity to serve as a change agent in a non-profit can yield benefits for motivated professionals. Learn how leading change in non-profit organizations can be incredibly powerful for the communities served and how lessons from that environment can translate to career fulfillment and advancement. This also presents an opportunity to better understand the nuances of working within a non-profit group.

3A. Market and Promote Your Professional Brand with LinkedinBack in the day joining LinkedIn was easy. Copy a  friends’ profile and use words like “seasoned, “proven”, and “global” – then forget about it. No one really anticipated the power of LinkedIn. Times have changed. In the US there are over 100 million people on LinkedIn and over 50% are active in the job market. Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. It’s also the B2B authority to drive visibility, credibility and influence. A resume is not enough in today’s dynamic job market. Learn how to stand out with a memorable professional profile.

3B. THE FBI – Protecting Your Business From Cyber Threats – Learn strategies on how to protect your business from cyber threats. The FBI will explain what common threats cost businesses billions of dollars each year and some of the safeguards you, as a business owner, can implement to protect yourself, your customers, and your business.

3C. Asian-Americans in Politics – Leading the Charge to Represent our Communities This workshop will focus on building a sustainable pipeline of Asian Pacific American (APA) political leadership. Hamilton Chang will discuss how to enter into politics and balance full time work with part-time elected service. The center of discussion will be feasibility and importance of APAs serving on all levels of government and how audience participants could themselves manage running for, and serving in, elected office. Building a sustainable pipeline of APA political leadership requires not only supporting APA candidates but also finding the courage and commitment to balance professional and civic life.

4A. Coaching & Developing Talent: Strategies To Bring Out The Best In Your Team One of the first things that many look for in a leader is the ability to influence others, empowering others to achieve their own personal success, and to bring out strengths in others to the forefront. In this session, learn how to embody these characteristics to bring out the best in your employees and to utilize their strengths.

4B. Government Contracting Opportunities – Searching the web for government contracts can be daunting and frustrating. If you are not familiar with the process, a simple search can present a list of contracts that can take valuable time and resources to review. In this workshop, you will get inside tips straight from a government authority on how you can simplify the effort and be effective. This session provides information on;

  • Prime and Subcontracting Assistance Programs
  • SBA Certification Programs
  • Women- and Veteran-Owned Small Business Programs
  • And more!

Led by a national expert in the field, this session is designed to help small businesses understand how the government buys goods & services. Get an introduction to the government contracting process directly from the Small Business Administration and learn of the opportunities available.

4C. So You Want To Be On a Non-Profit Board? We all would love to give back to our communities, and make an impact.  There should be a balance between what you are giving and what the organization gives to you.  In this workshop, we will talk about questions to ask when being vetted for a non-profit board.  We will also be working on aligning our expectations for the time, money, and efforts you are contributing.  Please come prepared to have an open discussion.  This workshop is for those who are currently on a non-profit board or would like to be.

5A. Demonstrating Dynamic Leadership Through Cultural Competence – Too often the traditionally revered (or stereotypical) cultures and customs of Asian Americans are ironically what holds us back from being promoted to senior leadership positions. Deference, politeness and being soft-spoken can be interpreted as weakness in the workplace. How does one retain a proud Asian American identity and be effective in work cultures that may not value one’s culture? This highly interactive presentation will give participants knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s global economy. 

5B. Get Your Greatest Need Solved NowEveryone needs something: more sleep, capital for a new venture, mentorship, or simply new friends. Historically, Asians haven’t supported each other as structurally or ritualistically to attain what’s needed. Join this highly interactive workshop where we’ll demystify how we can overcome our aversion to asking for help (and offering help) and get one of your own dreams solved, right on the spot.

5C. The ABCs of Professional Communication ExcellenceWords are only one of the many tools we use to connect, build, and prosper throughout our professional journey. Find out how you can replace confusion and repetition with clarity and streamlined communication as Speech-Language Pathologist and communication expert, Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP, highlights key communication strategies to increase overall effectiveness.

6A. Life Lesson from 35 Years in the Corporate WorldThis workshop will recount lessons learned from a variety of experiences in corporate life. Some lessons have roots in culture and other’s have applications beyond just the working world. Keys to success include adequate preparation, a sense of purpose, keeping an open mind yet being decisive, negotiating with balance and some luck (perhaps created by you!).

6B. The Realities of Starting Your Own BusinessIs owning your own business all sunshine and rainbows? Or is it a ton of work and a labor of love? The answer is probably both and everything in between. Join this panel of entrepreneurs and hear their stories as they share the realities, good and bad, of owning a business. The panel will explore areas such as the challenges of balancing family and personal life, time pressure, financing, staffing, insurance and business structure. We’ll also discuss the importance of building your network, giving back to the community, and getting involved. If you’re looking to start a business or just be inspired by hearing the stories and perspectives of some entrepreneurs, be sure to come to this panel.

6C. Leveraging the Gift of Gab: Leadership Through Public SpeakingAsians are often stereotyped as being shy, passive and submissive. These perceptions may lead to misconceptions of Asians being followers and not leaders. Becoming a powerful and persuasive public speaker is one of the best and most fulfilling ways to triumph as a leader despite this stereotype. In this workshop, you will receive speaking secrets that you can use immediately to become an inspiring and powerful leader who others will want to follow. We look at how your mind and subconscious thoughts, (including negative stereotypes) affect your ability to speak at your best. Insecurities, such as the feeling of being judged and not wanting to look “bad”, are just some of the most common constraints we will address. This is a fun and empowering workshop you don’t want to miss.

7A. What is EQ and Why Should I Care?Many of us believe that sheer intellect and being smart is what move us ahead in business. But there is a rude awakening when we discover that while we may be the ‘smartest’ person on the team, we may also be the one passed up a promotion. What we don’t know is that research conducted as far back as the early 1900’s indicate that Emotional Intelligence is a very important part of one’s success. Potentially, up to 90% of your success may be attributed to your EQ alone! This seminar will discuss the EQ model of competencies and skills that make you an effective leader.

7B. Understanding the Pieces that Build your Personal BrandOur lives have many aspects that we would like to focus on growing.  We have our professional career and development, personal goals and hobbies, friends, family, and our extracurricular activities.  All of these aspects affect who you are and reflect your brand. This workshop identify what you believe you are projecting as your strong and weak characteristics, what you would like yourself and others to describe you as, and potential opportunities to refocus your efforts.

7C. Professional Development & Volunteership – Investing in Yourself, While Giving Back – Increasingly, skills-based volunteering is representing not only a creative strategy to corporate citizenship but also an innovative approach to leadership development and talent retention. This session highlights skills-based volunteering as an innovative and effective tool and gains insight into the opportunities and challenges of skills-based volunteering as a leadership development tool through an interactive panel. You will walk away with knowledge and contacts to launch a skills-based volunteering program  in your company or to engage in skills-based volunteering to develop your career.

8. Be Seen, Be Heard: How to Sing Your Own Praises & Gain the Recognition You DeserveYes, results DO matter but they aren’t the only criteria to advance your career. Are you a dutiful, head down employee, waiting to be recognized? Are you frustrated when your peers are getting promoted ahead of you and the only difference is that they’re more vocal than you are? In reality HOW we achieve our results are often as important as the results themselves. And speaking about our results is also a critical part of recognition and advancement.  in this presentation hear how to represent yourself and your results better and get recognized for it.

*Agenda/Topics are Subject to Change


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