Welcome to Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee was started in 2008 to establish, promote and initiate new relationships with corporate sponsors in our community that share similar interests. Committee members continually strategize and investigate new ways to attracts partners to ACEL for corporate sponsorship. This committee is integral in success of ACEL as it seeks the necessary funding for events or other expenses that our organization incurs. Forging new relationships is not easy to do, even frightful at times; however our members are up to the challenge!

In the workplace we are often placed in situations as ambassadors for our companies by making simple phones calls and meeting new/ prospective clients. Sometimes not having experience in these situations can make us uncomfortable and often times at a loss for words. Joining corporate relations will help members address these situations and put their skills to practice. Building new relationships and making great first impressions are what we do best. Skills that are acquired and enhanced in this committee get only benefit you in at your professional careers.

Current members include:

Chair – Jenna Cheng

ACEL President

Board members

We are constantly looking for motivated individuals to join our team, including:

Market researcher and secretary– Research and identify ‘high potential’ partners and serve as committee secretary.

Ambassadors- Call, meet and greet potential sponsors. Must be familiar is ACEL sponsorship packages.

Chair –Oversees Committee operations as well as ambassador duties.

If you are interesting in Corporate Relations, please contact Jenna Cheng at jenna@naaapphoenix.org.