Quickstart = Joomla + Simple Business Template + Demo Content. After installation you’ll see complete site like a demo site. If you have website based on Joomla with your own content read article: Template Installation

Installing Quickstart package is quite easy as you install normal joomla!. Please follow these steps:

  1. You will have 2 options:
    • Upload the simple_business_quickstart.zip file to your host and extract it using cPanel or other File Manger Tools if possible.
    • If option above not available, you can extract the simple_business_quickstart.zip file in your computer , and upload all file to your host using FTP client program.
  2. Start installation by typing your URL to the directory you have placed quickstart files. The installation page should be appeared as normal Joomla! installation.
  3. Login into your administrator panel using “admin” as username and “demo” as password.
  4. Change password with User Manager (Site – User Manager).