My husband Matt and I had the opportunity to attend the Asian American Kickoff Celebration Banquet 2014 and were quite impressed with the noteworthy event. We were immediately greeted and surrounded by a warm crowd of professionals in a pleasant setting. The resort space had a nice ambiance and we had a chance to meet new people as well as reconnect with former associates. Being a past board member when the organization just started in Phoenix, I recognize the amount of dedication and hard work it takes to plan such an event. The committee did an excellent job with all the details. The speakers were remarkable, the entertainments were outstanding and the food was good. The emcees were entertaining and kept us engaged. I felt a real sense of pride to be an Asian American and a part of this professional organization that continues to strive for educating and improving our culture. The hardworking members deserve to be celebrated and this banquet is a perfect way to honor them.

Janene Wong-Brehmer
Former Director of Cultural Awareness (2007-08)