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#StopAsianHate Together


Contact:  Jason Wong


Phone Number: 480-907-4471

This past year has been marked with many challenges from the pandemic to social unrest including increased racial tension. As a member of the community, Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders (ACEL) continues to lend our support in educating about and combatting racism of any kind. Unfortunately, since this past year, the number of hate crimes against members of the Asian community in America has risen drastically, totaling 3,795 incidents. Due to this recent rise in incidents, Asians and Asian Americans are concerned for their safety and well-being. They also empathize with victims who are suffering from physical and emotional injuries as well as the loss of lives. What’s especially concerning and heartbreaking is that many of these hate crimes victimize vulnerable, elderly members of the Asian community. Because of this disturbing trend, ACEL is on alert and actively seeking to partner with other community organizations and agencies to protect all members of the Asian community throughout the U.S.

The Asian community is proud of its unique cultures and rich history in America and honors the legacy, traditions and strength of its ancestors who came to America before them. Asians feel that it’s time to be seen and heard during this tumultuous environment that now pervades Asian communities throughout this country. Community members feel that NOW is the time to speak up and share what it means to be Asian in America. ACEL would like to invite those who are not part of the Asian community to check on their Asian friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. Make sure they are OK. Also, learn more about Asian racism within the United States by visiting this website: Please, take the time to listen to and actually hear the stories and voices of Asian community members as they share their stories of racism in the United States. Together, everyone in our communities can work to become more aware of and stop hate crimes including those against Asians and Asian Americans. #StopAsianHate


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