Dear friends,

Thank you so much for attending our 2016 ACELebration of Leadership Gala! Throughout the evening we were able to recognize our wonderful awardees Tom Egan, Sharon Ng, Jan Wichayanurparp, and Kenny Ho. Pat-Fong Kushida graced us with her keynote speech and Kristin Samson and Tony King masterfully emcee’d the entire affair. Also, a huge thank you to our talented entertainers Sandra Bolung and Ken Koshio and his team. All of this could have not been possible without the amazing support of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, and members.

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Again, a gigantic thank you for attending and supporting the 2016 ACELebration of Leadership Gala. We look forward to seeing you at future ACEL events.

With appreciation,
#2016ACELebration Planning Committee

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