I.G. Homes Clean Up  –  December 3rd, 2011

Phoenix Revitalization Corporation would like to thank the National Association of Asian American 
Professionals for volunteering to help clean the IG Homes neighborhood on December 3rd, 2011.
PRC would also like to thank the I.G. Homes Boys & Girls Club for hosting the Clean Up. It is 
because of efforts like yours that progressive and effective grassroots neighborhood revitalization 
is allowed to take place.  Cleaning up a neighborhood does more than just rid the area of trash, but by 
visually reducing signs of blight, crime has been proven to decrease as well.  This idea is called Crime 
Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and efforts such as yours are a crucial part of this 
concept.  We really do appreciate the time and dedication you gave to making a difference.  
Wishing you a safe Holiday and a Happy New Year.